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Detailing ensures that your car’s paint finish is to the best that it can be. New cars often have minor manufacturer defects that are either missed or neglected. Used cars can often suffer from poor maintenance routines, climate conditions and small scratches and or swirls. Detailing focuses on enhancing the finish of your vehicle and ensures that the inside and outside of your vehicle are in the best shape possible.

Vehicles are classified in the following categories
Small: Small Hatchbacks e.g. Fiat 500 or Smart car
Medium: Medium Sized Hatchbacks, Coupes and Saloons e.g. VW Golf, BMW 4 Series, Mercedes E Class
Large: 4×4 e.g. Range Rover

Payment is easy and can be in the form of Cash, Credit, Debit card or Bank transfer. Please note that payment must be made in full upon collection of your vehicle.

Yes. We are fully insured to carry out the work that we advertise.

1080 London is an accredited detailer with Gtechniq. We are also qualified by Colourlock to carry out smart leather repairs.

Paint correction involves taking off a microscopic layer of lacquer that sits on the paint. If the paint on your vehicle is too thin, paint correction may be too risky as it may result in a strikethrough. We will clearly explain and identify the areas that we feel cannot be corrected and give you our recommendation.

You are welcome to visit us for a free consultation with regards to your vehicle. We would be happy to assess the paint condition of your car, leather condition and advise you on your options. Please note that you must call us to tell us that you will be visiting us and please ensure that your vehicle is clean. If we need to clean your vehicle you will be charged for a wash. This is deducted from the cost of service carried out if you do carry out a service after the consultation.

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Not all vehicles are the same and as we offer a wide range of services, please refer to our service guide. The timeframe is an estimate.

You make a booking either online, by emailing or calling us. We advise that you book in advance so that we can fully accommodate you.

Whilst coatings such as C1 Crystal Lacquer, Crystal Serum Light and Crystal Serum Ultra have class leading abrasion resistance, there is a limit to the amount of resistance a 1 micron layer of hard ceramic can offer to hedges, automatic car washes or contaminants in wash mitts. Whilst, on their own, these products are phenomenally hard (C1 is 7h on the pencil hardness scale, CSL 9h and CSU 10h), they will typically only add between 2 and 3h on the pencil hardness scale to the paintwork being protected.

Therefore. If your vehicle is painted with a very soft paint measuring HB on the pencil hardness test, coating it with Crystal Serum Ultra will change this to a 2H rated finish. So whilst this is a considerable improvement, it is still softer than an unprotected high solid painted car which can be as hard as 3h meaning that no matter how careful you are, some degree of surface scratching is inevitable
(source Gtechniq FAQ page)

We are happy to keep your vehicle in our premise overnight once we have finished working on the vehicle. There is a storage fee of £30 per night that the vehicle is kept with us.

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